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Why Mobilitri ?

What kind of waste ?

Mobilitri enables you to recycle a large variety of waste. Its two setup, one for ordinary waste and the other for hazardous waste guarantee quick and efficient sorting.


Huile minérale

Huiles minérales.

Papier / carton
Déchets de jardin

Résidus de récolte, Feuilles mortes, Gazon, Branches, Fleurs fanées et plantes en pots
(avec la motte mais sans le pot), Mauvaises herbes.


Vélos, casseroles, chaise en métal.

Déchets encombrants

Volumineux, souvent lourds, ces objets ne doivent pas être abandonnés n’importe où et n’importe quand.

Eclairages économiques

Ampoules longues durées et tubes fluorescents (les ampoules halogènes peuvent être jetés à la poubelle).

Electronique de bureau

Le matériel bureautique et informatique (téléphones fixes et mobiles, ordinateurs, écrans, imprimantes, etc.).


Toutes les piles et accumulateurs sans exception, y compris les piles dites “ vertes”.
Attention : de nombreux objets (jouets, gadgets qui clignotent, bougent ou font du bruit) contiennent des piles cachées. Retirez-les avant de les jeter!

Déchets spéciaux

Restes, sous forme liquide, solide ou en aérosol de peintures, vernis, pétrole, décapants, diluants, colles, pesticides, engrais, produits d’entretien, poisons pour animaux et produits chimiques divers.


Batteries de véhicules.

Matériel électrique

L’électronique de loisirs (TV, radios, chaines HI-FI, lecteurs CD, DVD et MP3, luminaires, appareils photo, consoles de jeux, etc.).
L’électroménager (aspirateurs, machines à café, cuisinières, réfrigérateurs, lave-linge, lave-vaisselle, fers à repasser, etc.).


Déchets inertes (béton, brique, carrelage, etc..) à l’exception des déchets contenants des substances dangereuses de type amiante, PCB, HAP, mercure.


Order bulky waste pick up

Your are not able to load some furniture into your car.
Your old washing machine is too heavy to carry on your bicycle.
Book an appointment in just one click and Mobilitri comes to your place to collect your bulky waste !


Order bulky waste pick up


Frequently Asked Questions

Mobilitri is a free service financed by the municipality where you live.

Companies have to pay to use Mobilitri.

Several municipalities have partnered to join the Mobilitri initiative in order to cover waste management needs on the right bank of Geneva.

  • Anières
  • Chêne-Bougeries
  • Choulex
  • Collonge-Bellerive
  • Corsier
  • Gy
  • Jussy
  • Presinge
  • Puplinge
  • Thonex
  • Vandœuvres

Check the recycling center locations

Check the map and planning

Less traffic and pollution, cleaner streets and availability 6/7 days instead on 10x/year.


Maximum weight = 3,5 tons

Maximum width = 2m30

MAximum length = 7m40


Yes. As a citizen living in one of the 11 partnering municipalities, you can go to any Mobilitri site. When going there, your waste will be weighted and then it will be invoiced to your municipality.


No, garden waste pick up is still going on in every municipality where it usually happens.

If needed, you can as well bring garden waste to Mobilitri.

Simply register under the following link ->

Once registered you get a confirmation email with a link you need to click on in order to validate your registration.

Then you can access your personnal account on the website where you'll find the QR code to grant access to Mobilitri location.


No. In case you live in one of the 11 partnering municipalities and also operate their, you need to create 2 separate account. One as "household", one as a "company".




No, that's not possible. You need to register with 2 different emails.



Bulky waste pick up is targeted at people with low or no physical capabilities and those who's car does not allow to carry some objects. For instance an american fridge cannot fit in their trunck.

Bulky waste are large objects such as old furniture, matresses, fitness apparel, large carpets, kitchen tools, decorating accessories or any other type of object which can not be thrown away with usual household trash because of their large size.


  • - waste coming from commercial or industrial activity;
  • - full room (basement, garage) or house waste pick up;
  • - lights, hazardous waste (paint, glue, tyres, car batteries, etc.), clothes, shoes, paper, cardboard, books, as well as any object being part of a building (doors, windows, tiles, sink, etc.).


If your bulky waste is contaminated by bedbugs, please let us know upfront so that we are aware at the time of pick up.


Yes. Any adult member from a family can create his/her own Mobilitri account.




You have 2 solutions:

- You go to the Mobilitri location and the team will create your account.

- You call Mobilitri and give them your details (Last/First name, adress, phone) and they will create your account.

You just need to give us a call 079 410 03 72. Then we'll check the availibities together and fix an apointment.



Hazardous waste (ex: paint, glue, battery…).

Medical waste.

Pressurized bottles (extinguisher, camping gaz bottles, etc.).

Electronic devices smaller than vacuum cleaner or microwave.

Recyclable waste (PET, alu, iron, glas, cardboard).

Small items


Mobilitri operates in partnership with 11 different municipalities from the right bank of Geneva. Each of them pays for its own citizens. The only way to invoice the correct weight to the correct municipality is to use an identification system (Mobilitri Pass via QR code) and weigh every visit carefully (Loaded vehicle - Empty vehicle = waste brought).


Help needed ?

In case you were not able to find any answer to your question, please contact us by  e-mail or by phone.